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Our designs incorporate patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, sitting walls, fire features, pool patios and driveways to complement and maximize the space of your home. We also offer complete landscape design services which include plantings, water features, architectural structures such as pavilions or pergolas, pools, landscape lighting, and much more. You can opt for hand / CAD drawing, 3D rendering or on-site consultations, and our professional landscape architects will make sure you get the design you envision to turn your property into a dream come true.

Once your design is agreed upon, we will build your structures, and also add the necessary colors, contrast, scent and movement to complete your landscape. We can add flower beds in front of the house and install anything from simple foundation plantings to extensive estate plantings. Spending time outside will become a wonderful experience as you walk your rose-bordered garden pathways or enjoy the shade and privacy offered by the trees.

Pinewood Landscaping designers have a keen eye and deep understanding of how to make your home’s landscaping beautiful year-round. We will plant a mix of trees that bloom in the spring, flowers that pop up at just the right time, and other plants that continue to give color and texture and beautify your home throughout the year. With decades of experience in landscape installation in New England, our team has a proven track record. It is especially pleasing to visit a home that we installed 15 or 20 years ago and see just how beautifully the landscape has evolved, just as we designed it. Please call us today to for a free quote!

Here’s a few examples of what our landscape design process looks like:

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