CT Paver & Stone Driveways

Pinewood Landscaping proudly serves and installs custom paver & stone driveways in Connecticut and throughout New England.

Add timeless elegance to your home by investing in a paver driveway. Pinewood Landscaping can help you design and build a beautiful driveway that will last for decades and be surprisingly low maintenance while offering long-term value to your home.

Unlike traditional materials, interlocking driveway pavers are designed to endure dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity without cracking, chipping, splitting, or buckling. We guarantee that our driveways withstand the elements year in and year out. No other solution can provide the all-climate performance that is offered by our paving stones.

A concrete paver driveway installed by Pinewood requires minimum maintenance because we exceed best practices by properly tamping the base every 4 inches, paying close attention to where we direct the flow of water and use polymeric sand to ensure your driveway is properly sealed to prevent erosion. Our driveways can handle heavy traffic and the rigors of plowing with no problems after decades of service.

To regularly maintain a paver driveway, remove dirt and leaves by sweeping and occasionally rinsing. For heavy oil or grease stains, use a pressure washer with an appropriate cleaning solution.

Please contact Pinewood Landscaping with any questions or comments. We are excited to help you design the driveway of your dreams.